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1952 Camel Cigarette Ad-LINDA DARNELL

Linda Darnell Camel Pin Up

Why did you change to Camels, LINDA DARNELL? “After smoking Camels for 30 days, I found they get along wonderfully with my throat. I especially appreciate Camel’s mildness when I’m making a picture!” - Linda Darnell Make your own 30-day Camel Test…see for yourself how well CAMELS AGREE WITH YOUR THROAT! Camel is America’s most popular Cigarette – by billions!

1952 Camel Ad-HENRY FONDA

Henry Fonda pour Camel

Why did you change to Camels, HENRY FONDA? “My voice is important in my career. I smoke Camels because they’re mild and have such rich flavor!” - Henry Fonda Not one single case of throat irritation due to smoking CAMELS CAMEL LEADS ALL OTHER BRANDS – BY BILLIONS!

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